Interview with Mariana Docampo

Mariana Docampo & Augusto Balizano
Queertango.dk met in 2011 the two popular queer tango stars, Augusto Balizano and Mariana Docampo, to talk about how they understand queer tango, its background and future.

Augusto Balizano and Mariana Docampo are both queer tango teachers and organizers of queer tango festival in Buenos Aires. In 2011 Copenhagen was appointed as city of honor. The two teachers have great influence on queer tango community internationally and are considered pioneers in the field.

Mariana Docampo organises the milonga "Tango Queer" in Buenos Aires. It is held every Tuesday and is very popular. In this interview she talks about her views on queer tango. The interview is in English and lasts 13:10 minutes.
Mariana Docampo
"When you exchange roles you must all the time be very open to receive information..." says Mariana.

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